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The Fight Against Racism and Inequality in Our Society

By June 27, 2020August 13th, 2020Blog Post

I usually describe myself as being Métis (mixed race), not at all because I consider myself more important for being lighter or for having some white blood but because I have always been proud of both my culture and heritage, and will never diminish one over the other.

But today I’m going to talk about myself as being a Black woman. Not because everybody else will define me that way anyway but because today, this side of me needs to get louder to support an important cause: The Black Lives Matter movement.

Today, I need to show how proud I am of that big part of me, to fight against racism and inequality in our society. I am a Black woman business owner in the city of Newburgh, a city where I feel comfortable because of its diversity but where a lot of work needs to be done to give opportunities for the black and brown community to get better representation at a higher level.

The community needs to get back some trust and self-confidence and needs to be pushed up not down. I am a Pilates instructor and one of our slogans is “Pilates is for everybody”, because it is for everybody! Every color, size, height, body type, age, social class. So nobody should feel judged because of any of those reasons when they are coming to my studio.

I want to thank all my clients, and during this time my white clients, for trusting my capacity to help them and for never ever being condescending toward me. I am fortunate enough to have your support and please keep showing your support to our brothers and sisters in this specific time. It is truly needed.

Let’s be proud to mixed all of us to support Black Lives Matter, to fight racism, not only today but every future day!