Angela Paul-Gaito

Owner, Pilates Instructor, and Teacher Trainer

Angela Paul-Gaito was born in Perpignan, France where she trained in dance with master teacher Matt Mattox. After becoming a certified student with the Alvin Ailey school, she performed for many years around the world in the french musical “Notre Dame de Paris”. She was part of the creation team of “A New Day”, Celine Dion” show in Belgium and Las Vegas. She was a singer in the short musical version «The legend of Lion King» in Eurodisney Paris and has worked as a free-lance dancer for various companies, theater and TV projects.

She was introduced to Pilates through dance, but really connected with the intelligence of the technique and became truly involved after her first pregnancy to “reforme” her body. She then, became very aware of all the great benefits as a dancer, a teacher but most importantly as a woman.

Angela is trained by Balanced Body w/Ann Toran, Joy Karley, Fabrice Lamego and became certified by Polestar Education in 2009 with Brent Anderson. Her continuing education include training and workshops such as Pamela A Downey “Don’t hurt the Momma”, Linda Fit “Pilates and Props”, Anatomy in 3D and Pilates on tour with BB education, where Jennifer Kries convinced her about the importance of the classical system.

Angela was a teacher at “Pilates Reforming NY” in New York City where her clients have included Broadway performers, radio city Rockettes, and prize NYC marathoners. She also teaches for several workshops in France and taught for the Alvin Ailey Dance Company during their French tour.

Angela has been teaching in the Hudson Valley since 2009. She opened her own studio in Newburgh in 2012 and has been located in front of the Washington Headquarters since March 2014, where she can enjoy the revival of this beautiful city!

In 2015, Angela started her bridging program under the guidance of Juliet Harvey from Beacon Pilates to improve her practice and knowledge on the Classical form of the Pilates method.

In 2023, Angela decide to join the team of Beacon Pilates to become one of their Teacher Trainer. This new chapter is really exciting and Angela is grateful to be surrounded by such a wonderful team at her own studio as well as at Beacon Pilates and their affiliated studios.

Curtis Walker

Pilates Instructor

Curtis Walker is a personal trainer, poet and holistic wellness advocate. He was born in Washington D.C and raised in Newburgh, NY. He has been in the health and fitness industry since 2006. He has a background in sports performance, youth fitness and adult fitness. Curtis is passionate about helping ordinary people tap into their full potential through physical training and creative expression. Curtis is a Beacon Pilates certified Pilates teacher and is now offering both Mat and Apparatus class at APG Pilates.

Paige Reiss

Pilates Instructor

Paige was introduced to Pilates during her teenage years through online workouts. She quickly became fascinated with the mind-body connection that Pilates fosters, and over the years has found immense value in the functional strength and mobility the practice promotes.

Eager to share the benefits with others, Paige earned her certification as a Pilates Mat Instructor under Juliet Harvey at Beacon Pilates. Currently, she is furthering her expertise by working to become a certified NCSF Personal Trainer, ensuring she can guide others effectively toward their fitness goals.

Paige is excited about this new chapter in her life and sees her role not just as an instructor, but as a motivator and a guide, helping individuals unearth their hidden potential. She is dedicated to helping her clients harness their strength and inspiring them toward a healthier, stronger, more balanced life.

Rebekah Tse

Pilates Instructor

Rebekah has been teaching barre for over a year now. She studied under Tyler Ingram and earned her certification through Forme Barre Fitness. Just recently she also completed her Pilates Mat certification at Beacon Pilates under Juliet Harvey. She has cultivated a true passion for this therapeutic type of movement that draws on the mind and body connection.  She is inspired by the classical pilates methodology and the mindfulness strength and grace that it brings to her students. She is looking forward to supporting future clients’ health and wellness goals through these classes that will balance and focus the body and mind.

Guest/Sub Teachers:

Amanda Marvin

Pilates Instructor

Amanda rediscovered Pilates after the arrival of her first child.  Having always led an active lifestyle, she was eager to return to running postpartum. The Pilates method played a pivotal role in helping her regain core strength. It helped her to a heightened sense of body awareness and to her surprise – remedied her previously chronic mobility issues. She has firsthand experienced how Pilates has made lasting changes within her body and loves sharing the method with others.

What started off as a personal wellness journey, turned into a career when she received her Comprehensive Pilates Certification through Beacon Pilates in 2023.

Caroline Sansone

Pilates Instructor

Caroline is a certified Pilates instructor with 10+ years of experience. Before taking a dreaded desk job, she was a senior instructor at Equinox, Pure Yoga and several physical therapy offices and gyms in New York City.

Since moving to Newburgh in 2020, Caroline rediscovered her love of movement and is thrilled to be sharing that love with the APG pilates community.

Laura Bolukbasi

Pilates Instructor

Laura is a certified Pilates Mat Instructor and is currently receiving her comprehensive certification with Juliet Harvey at Beacon Pilates. 

About two years ago, Laura started taking pilates apparatus classes every week in the hopes that it would cure her chronic lower back pain. After two months, she was shocked to see how quickly she started to improve. Not only was the physical improvement a joy and a relief, but she was really enjoying the classes themselves. They were fun and it was an exhilarating feeling, like she was accessing this sacred knowledge that was giving her a newfound sense of power in her body. That’s when she officially became addicted to the Pilates Method! She craved to know and learn more to be able to access more of this power. Shortly after she started her training, she was delighted to see the satisfaction she felt from helping others achieve that same power with their bodies. She never expected to fall into a profession that felt so rewarding. She is grateful that this brilliant method exists and is excited to help others heal on their pilates journeys.

Maria Cepeda

Pilates Instructor

My love for learning and educating has led me to different paths in my wellness journey. My interest in Pilates began with a foundation in self care. As an educator for the past 18 years, I have realized the importance of maintaining a balance between mind and body. Fostering that belief, I completed a yoga teacher certification program and became a yoga instructor.
Soon after I was introduced to Pilates. It was then that I discovered Pilates which I now have added to my personal wellness journey. Pilates paved a new road that allowed me to connect and condition my body as a whole. As I continue my training and mentorship at Beacon Pilates, I intend to deliver the message that Joe Pilates has shared with his apprentices “the mind, when housed within a healthful body, posses a glorious sense of power.”