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Start the year fresh and healthy! Happy New Year 2019

By January 4, 2019August 13th, 2020Blog Post

Happy New Year 2019 everybody!

This month’s blog will be about our great resolution and how to start the year fresh and healthy. But first, let’s try to keep those decisions realistic. I would advise you to focus on your beautiful self. Start by learning to care about, to be nice and to love your own person. Go see as many practitioners as you can to make sure you are healthy and to know which part of yourself is not. In case of pain or sickness, try to learn to listen what might cause those issues. Don’t be angry about it, it could be somatic issues so just listen to them and learn from them. You might need the help of a therapist or a general doctor. You might want to visit your dentist or start acupuncture, seeing a chiropractor, a PT, a gynecologist, a massage therapist. Anything that would help to make you healthy and happy. You will, then, be strong enough to help others.

New resolutions in Pilates can be so different for each individual, it might be to help you to move, to get stronger or more flexible. It might be to lose weight or to focus on your deep self or listen to instruction in a French accent. In any case, at APG Pilates, we will be here to help achieving your goal. But do not forget, you might need more than one practitioner’s  help. If your goal is to lose weight, you might want to check your diet and make sure you get some cardio in your regimen. In any case, enjoy everything you do but without excess. Balance in life is important. Control is too but don’t beat yourself up if you do lose it sometimes.

JOY, PEACE AND LOVE to all of you!!!