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Why Shop Local? It’s About Community!

By Blog Post

In a world where you can click a button and have something delivered to your door, why go through the bother of getting in the car, finding parking, child care, a break in your busy schedule, etc. to patronize a local business? Why “shop local”? In short, community. Studies show that when you shop local and spend $100 at an independent business, $48 of that money stays in the community. Even if you shop at a chain in your town, $14 still stays in the community. On Amazon? Or at the Outlet Malls? $0. Now, we could argue that you saved money that you will then put into the local economy! Good. It’s normal and smart to save when you can, but still important to support the community you live in.

There are also things you can do from behind your screen or without spending any money:

  • Like, comment and share social media posts
  • Write good reviews on Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Communicate with the owner or manager if you’ve had a less than perfect experience and let them try to fix it before you blast them online
  • For your birthday, holidays or other special occasions, send a list to family and friends of local businesses or charities you’d like them to support
  • Be nice

As always, stay real to your budget, and don’t feel pressured to spend if you can’t afford it. When shopping local, think of not justĀ physical gifts but also services, massage, Pilates (of course), local charities, restaurants and street vendors.

APG Pilates offers discounted intro sessions and packages, gift certificates, merchandise and a low-priced mat class. Check the website for class schedules, or give us a call, text or email to get gift certificates and merchandise.

Happy, Healthy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year!