About the Mat:

The mat class is the most affordable of all our classes cause it can allow a bigger group. We are still limiting our classes around 7 to 10 students to still be able to give you the attention that you deserve.

As history states, Joseph Pilates first created the mat series.  Recognizing that the work was difficult and to help his students with his work, he created the Pilates apparatus.  The apparatus was created to do some of the work for you.  The Pilates apparatus helps you find your muscles, helps to give you awareness and teaches you how to use your body so you can do the mat work more efficiently.  Joseph Pilates  called his method of body conditioning, Contrology.  He worked with students one on one for a few sessions and then they were left on their own.  He had charts all over his studio with pictures of the exercises and clients would follow the charts if they forgot what came next.  Of course there were teachers there, and some students worked privately, but it was very much like a gym.  They would come into the studio as if it were a gym and do their series that he taught them.  He would teach his students new things when he felt they were ready. As far as most people know the only place Joseph Pilates taught mat classes was at Jacob’s Pillow, a summer dance festival held every summer in the Berkshires, Massachusetts.